Law Firms On The Map

Are Law Firm SEO Services Worth Investing In?

January 06, 2023 Chintan Zalani Season 1 Episode 1
Law Firms On The Map
Are Law Firm SEO Services Worth Investing In?
Show Notes

In the first episode of Law Firms On The Map, Chintan Zalani gets together with Kristaps Brencans to discuss the importance of SEO for lawyers. We start with the basics of search engine optimization that attorneys need to know about. Then we get into the factors attorneys should consider when hiring a digital marketing agency.

In this episode, we discuss important stuff for attorneys considering SEO such as:

  1. What’s the value of law firm SEO for attorneys?
  2. When is the right time to hire a SEO agency for a lawyer? 
  3. What factors should you consider while hiring an agency? 
  4. How much does law firm SEO cost?
  5.  How long does it take for a law firm’s website to see results?
  6. What would you tell the law firms that have spent a significant amount of money in SEO but didn’t see results in the past? 
  7. What happens after 12 months of investing money into SEO?
  8. Do all law firm SEO services come with a contract?
  9. Why should an attorney go with On The Map Marketing?

About Kristaps Brencans: The CEO of On The Map Marketing, Kristaps, has overseen thousands of successful attorney SEO campaigns himself.

About On The Map Marketing: As the name suggests, the law firm SEO agency started with ranking attorneys on the map. Over a decade later, it now has built expertise in ranking attorneys across the most competitive practice areas in organic search. The agency prides on delivering multi-million dollar worth of value for attorneys.

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