Law Firms On The Map

What Does Working With a Premiere Law Firm SEO Agency Look Like?

January 13, 2023 Chintan Zalani Season 1 Episode 2
Law Firms On The Map
What Does Working With a Premiere Law Firm SEO Agency Look Like?
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In the second episode of Law Firms On The Map, Chintan Zalani gets together with Kristaps Brencans again. This time they breakdown law firm SEO services — specifically what working with On The Map Marketing is like. 

You'll find out the:

  • The onboarding process, reporting, and team composition in the execution of a lawyer SEO campaign,
  • Division of budget across a lawyer SEO project,
  • How can law firms outrank directories in SERPs, creation of on brand and optimized legal content, etc.

Who is Kristaps Brencans? He's the CEO of On The Map Marketing, Chris, has overseen thousands of successful attorney SEO campaigns himself.

As the name suggests, the law firm SEO agency started with ranking attorneys on the map. Over a decade later, it now has built expertise in ranking attorneys across the most competitive practice areas in organic search. The agency prides on delivering multi-million dollar worth of value for attorneys.

Ready to hire On The Map Marketing? Our the last decade, we have now developed an expertise in SEO for law firms — even in competitive national markets.  If you want to get you more of your ideal clients via SEO, get in touch with us here. We do a free custom SEO audit for law firms we have a mutual fit with!

If you enjoyed the show please leave a review on Apple. If you have any questions you can find me (Kristaps Brencans, the CEO at On The Map Marketing on Twitter).

Thank you for listening :)

Onboarding process for SEO clients
Matching personality types of the client and team member
Team composition for a SEO campaign
What is a SEO full-stack team?
How does an agency execute an SEO campaign?
SEO team structure and reporting
How we communicate and report SEO performance with attorneys
Getting to know a lawyer's brand
Brief about legal writers we hire
Brief about our legal editors
How does Surfer SEO fall into our processes?
Content for lawyers
Campaign budget allocation
How can law firms outrank directories
How can attorneys rank without a physical location