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Google E-E-A-T for Lawyers with Isadora Padoa

March 20, 2023 Kristaps Brencans Season 1 Episode 4
Law Firms On The Map
Google E-E-A-T for Lawyers with Isadora Padoa
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In the fourth episode of Law Firms On The Map, Kristaps Brencans the CEO at On The Map Marketing, gets together with senior SEO manager, Isadora Padoa. They talk about one of the most important lawyer SEO ranking factors in 2023.

In this episode, Kristaps and Isadora breakdown our inhouse E-E-A-T audit created by Isadora. They discuss:

Resources mentioned in the episode:

About Isadora Pandoa: An SEO Strategist at On The Map Marketing, Isadora has led clients from every industry to achieve awesome results in terms of rankings, traffic, and leads. When not working, you'll likely find her with her nose in a book, taking a road trip, or doing pilates.

About Kristaps Brencans: The CEO of On The Map Marketing, Kristaps, has overseen thousands of successful attorney SEO campaigns himself.

On The Map Marketing: As the name suggests, the law firm SEO agency started with ranking attorneys on the map. Over a decade later, it now has delivered multi-million dollar worth of value for attorneys in the most competitive niches such as personal injury, DUI, etc. 

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Isadora's Introduction
What are E-E-A-T signals?
Is E-E-A-T a measure of a page's quality?
Does E-E-A-T apply to all the pages?
E-E-A-T audit: Important factors
The importance of media presence
What is the legal service schema?
Importance of personal brands for attorneys
The role of legal directories in E-E-A-T
What is a person schema?
E-E-A-T attorney website dissection example #1
E-E-A-T attorney website example #2
A breakdown of an attorney bio page
Testing your bio page
Morgan & Morgan's "In The Media" page's analysis
What are the top 3 things you need to remember in context of E-E-A-T?