Law Firms On The Map

Law firm SEO masterclass: from 2k visitors to 40k w/ Andrew Prince

November 24, 2023 Kristaps Brencans Season 2 Episode 2
Law Firms On The Map
Law firm SEO masterclass: from 2k visitors to 40k w/ Andrew Prince
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In this enlightening episode of Law Firms On The Map, Kristaps Brencans, the CEO at On The Map Marketing brings us along a comprehensive exploration of SEO strategies for law firms in this featuring Andrew Prince.

Drawing from his experience as the former SEO Manager at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, Andrew delves into the nuances of optimizing legal websites to drive traffic, generate leads, and secure valuable cases.

In this engaging conversation with Kristaps Brencans, Andrew discusses his journey at the law firm, sharing insights on the fundamental SEO principles that laid the groundwork for substantial growth. From cleaning up Google Business profiles to leveraging reviews and refining content, Andrew unveils the tactics that propelled the firm's online presence.

Discover the power of local SEO and the impact of user-generated content on Google rankings. Andrew shares advanced-level strategies, touching on content optimization, the importance of FAQs, and the role of proprietary data in future-proofing SEO efforts.

If you're involved in legal SEO or looking to enhance your digital marketing efforts, this podcast is a must-listen. Connect with Andrew on Twitter (@andrewprince16) and LinkedIn to stay informed about the latest SEO trends and strategies.

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Andrew's Background and Introduction to SEO
Importance of Local SEO for Law Firms
Leveraging Reviews for Local SEO
Internal Buy-In At Firms for SEO Strategies
Content Strategies and Challenges
Expanding into New States and Content Challenges
SEO Value to Firms
Link Building Strategies
Monetizing SEO Growth and Financial Impact
Marketing Approach for Starting a Law Firm
Future of Search Marketing
Conclusion and Connecting with Andrew